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Thread is pinned New to this group? Introduce yourself here!  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagedustin7314/14/2018 9:13:38 PM
by cheep_trick
The Truth About Your State Repstileman181412/5/2017 8:05:56 PM
by cupocheer
Fun with a couplejcorwin119/10/2016 10:28:48 AM
by cupocheer
SALMONFEST?? What happened?alby11157/24/2016 10:21:03 PM
by albyak
Going to Alaska on vacationjoat11102614/25/2016 8:51:08 AM
by albyak
Hello AK peepspeachy_girl87167/4/2015 6:55:29 PM
by alby11
looking 4 my other halfscooba333107/3/2015 1:22:00 PM
by m10420
Anyone in Anchorage todayakpride06205/22/2015 10:28:01 PM
by alby11
Last letter makes a new word  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageboesart4443/10/2015 10:10:50 AM
by cupocheer
SALMONSTOCK Aug 1-3 Anyone coming out to party this year?alby1143/4/2015 7:35:12 PM
by alby11
Considering a big change... Alaska perhapssand_inhershoes92/16/2015 6:29:25 AM
by cupocheer
Anyone in Anchorage Airport?!akchild1271/25/2015 8:41:33 PM
by tush065
Knock Knock, Anyone home?pisceanheart1412/23/2014 4:00:25 AM
by big527
Poll 9/11 Truth, where do you stand Alaska?jediknight2003910/29/2014 7:35:27 PM
by starr_so_happy
Anyone in Ketchikan this weekakpride06110/20/2014 9:48:14 PM
by starr_so_happy
Where's the fun?akpride0638/29/2014 8:25:15 AM
by jakebearr
Is there ANY Alaskan guys who wants more than sex?akpride0678/29/2014 8:24:37 AM
by jakebearr
So called married mengwinnie1133/5/2014 12:02:14 AM
by stuff2222
new to this alaska chatchillinonarock03/3/2014 2:57:24 PM
by chillinonarock
Good Morning Alakaletsgo1481612/25/2013 7:13:08 AM
by letsgo1481
Does drinking transform yougoomba59411/13/2013 7:50:50 PM
by 4uijack
Alaskan women looking for love in the lower 48hotsouthernguy111/13/2013 7:46:50 PM
by 4uijack
Hello Alaska!usarkills811/13/2013 7:44:10 PM
by 4uijack
out in the bush, man looking for womanalaska202410/3/2013 2:18:59 PM
by unforgettable66
Just trying this chat thingalaskagirl239/29/2013 6:38:08 AM
by arcticqueen84
Any men in Alaska looking for an Arizona girl?nineballbo419/25/2013 12:12:32 AM
by scooba333
Favorite Fur Rondy Event?cheechako6339/9/2013 9:38:23 PM
by adamomalley
Alaska a good move??baker8choco108/27/2013 12:23:51 PM
by rainyyy
What mood are you in Alaskagoomba5947/31/2013 11:53:23 PM
by happy2meet1
For a hike sometime soonhappy2meet107/23/2013 4:34:28 PM
by happy2meet1
Wants to party tonite, no solomulishanikof9217/10/2013 5:26:49 AM
by sjayy4283
Any easy hiking areas near Anchorage?cheechako6397/10/2013 5:26:10 AM
by sjayy4283
Party time April 23 2013 in anchoragerjifree17/10/2013 5:25:48 AM
by sjayy4283
hey everyone lookin for kool fun ppltn_babydoll237/10/2013 5:25:14 AM
by sjayy4283
Hola peoplesice_shade57/10/2013 5:24:20 AM
by sjayy4283
have any interesting summer fun ideas?akrocksmysocks47/10/2013 5:23:36 AM
by sjayy4283
Anyone 420 friendly in ANC.akclimber420112/9/2013 7:43:57 AM
by 3n1wbgirl
Mierda de Coca y Cervezasmulishanikof9202/2/2013 6:00:24 PM
by mulishanikof92
anyone in fairbanksnealpc1141/19/2013 7:33:33 PM
by funtime180
Jerk alert! WARNING!tnsweetie1982712/25/2012 7:09:00 PM
by charlierogers
Howdy! Anyone near me?diesel_country412/19/2012 11:04:24 PM
by charlierogers
Hi! Stuck in ketchdieselcntry4x4212/19/2012 11:02:04 PM
by charlierogers
alaska sucksdimples041978512/19/2012 11:00:34 PM
by charlierogers
Hey ladies what's upjohnnyboiz69112/19/2012 10:57:31 PM
by charlierogers
who wants a wonderful single guy as a wonderful bfaximili34b58912/19/2012 4:13:40 AM
by charlierogers
hmmmm no ideanewtodating2012412/7/2012 11:32:24 PM
by charlierogers
New to the site! lets chat!!sierramarieak912/7/2012 11:30:53 PM
by charlierogers
Alaska vacationkaboodle137/5/2012 7:16:48 PM
by dasnixter
native pridearcticqueen84164/25/2012 10:20:11 AM
by tom_anch
Sex up in heretom_anch04/24/2012 5:19:07 PM
by tom_anch
Hello big females I lovesocial3202/27/2012 10:14:47 PM
by social32
Speak up Alaska!akrob32951/8/2012 1:47:09 AM
by operative_31
50+ Coffee Shop Chat (48-62 Okay)makescookies412/28/2011 9:17:53 PM
by davidginlansing
are there any late twenty to early thirty age people on ak chat???willowgal5412/17/2011 11:30:11 AM
by yuraneight
Are there any party girls here in alaska?grizzbuds57512/15/2011 2:25:21 PM
by leahleahleah
Sooooo whos from fairbanks? Or at least this side of the state hahaak49erdss012/12/2011 4:32:16 PM
by ak49erdss
How is it in Alaskaboesart3611/28/2011 11:38:36 PM
by z9z9z9
to your placetattooedwrench1211/21/2011 6:49:23 PM
by 1ponchovilla
How long have you been in Alaska?  Page: 1   2gretn6911/15/2011 3:12:25 AM
by z9z9z9
Hello Alaska ~ Were here  Page: 1   2   3keepalowprofile12611/12/2011 12:04:49 AM
by z9z9z9
sex, sex, sexzeroblack311/12/2011 12:03:46 AM
by z9z9z9
Who is going out tonight?rickgawl511/9/2011 1:01:55 AM
by z9z9z9
any single women come hither and chat it upaktimberwolf_251510/16/2011 6:58:32 PM
by craigmaines
why are women in the 40s are looking for men in there 20scookie35r410/16/2011 7:40:39 AM
by desertrat073
Any one help out? Man/Womenb16y8110/11/2011 3:28:32 PM
by b16y8
Are Orca edible?purian249/21/2011 5:22:50 AM
by mercedes01
Looking for women ages 38-50 or so for companionship, etc.uaacollegeguy79/19/2011 1:56:42 PM
by geno3671
anyone wanna chat with me??? ladies are all welcomepalmerguy8238/16/2011 8:32:59 PM
by gwinnie11
To every1 hereteine2128/16/2011 3:24:43 PM
by casagrandegirls
Is AK as awesome as I remember?rmbrown38/16/2011 3:24:15 PM
by casagrandegirls
Are there still Mail Order Bride Guys in Alaskaboesart98/16/2011 3:21:53 PM
by casagrandegirls
I feel like what's happening to my x is my fault.heart_throbak108/16/2011 3:20:32 PM
by casagrandegirls
relocating or relocated to Alaska?123todd148/16/2011 3:19:53 PM
by casagrandegirls
anyone in kenai lookin for a new friend in the least?akclown18/16/2011 3:19:35 PM
by casagrandegirls
looking to build somethingohmjee28/16/2011 3:09:04 PM
by casagrandegirls
Is there anyone near Healy?amerimaka48/16/2011 3:08:50 PM
by casagrandegirls
I am looking for a homeless handymanbuttegirl54338/16/2011 3:08:15 PM
by casagrandegirls
'tis the seasonuncut_diamond38/16/2011 3:07:10 PM
by casagrandegirls
Still more men than woman??ruthie40138/16/2011 3:04:18 PM
by casagrandegirls
master's degree as a physician's assistantthadakian18/16/2011 3:03:09 PM
by casagrandegirls
What do women think of slope workers?jimd1978454/10/2011 6:04:55 PM
by turtledove4u
wanna hang out on my lake house or something . i am quit malelukey200002/22/2011 11:46:28 PM
by lukey2000
needing some..aklonely152/18/2011 12:16:06 PM
by tn_babydoll
email buddy in 60'swalksthenight4272/12/2011 12:39:47 PM
by idntundrstndyou
ladies out there who might want friends with benefits?anch_william91/7/2011 7:48:48 PM
by sitthtooyehk
Ain't no drag.. he's got a brand new bagjdubsya11/2/2011 6:38:32 PM
by keepalowprofile
Men in Anchorage 40's and 50's to message or chatjoli462612/28/2010 6:32:25 PM
by alaskarose123
Anyone know Darren Paxton from Soldatnaboesart212/22/2010 2:32:57 AM
by aklonely
Looking for Friends With Benefitsjo4mojo1612/1/2010 12:27:17 AM
by akdiesel
Looking for girls who want to snowboard around Fairbanksalakajjc011/28/2010 3:08:50 AM
by alakajjc
Anyone out there?  Page: 1   2mandoliningman8010/20/2010 12:29:30 AM
by sitthamy
Whats up an how are usoulbadguy39/25/2010 8:44:25 PM
by evajoy_81
Any women in Juneau?glacier78909/14/2010 7:26:16 PM
by glacier789
how about the peninsula where`s a good placefirelock48109/10/2010 1:08:03 PM
by dragonlady75
Anyone in the Military?jonny382958/30/2010 9:49:59 PM
by soulbadguy
Hey Alaska girlsjimd197828/13/2010 11:29:36 PM
by mystic1
Lyrics to a Songlonesomeloon88/9/2010 8:50:52 PM
by lovealaska
Nerds of AK where ya at?mytrueself117/5/2010 6:41:06 AM
by dragonlady75
Big guy looking for women in anchorage.icemanabove2416/30/2010 9:43:42 PM
by captainjul1
Do you have any talent in music?bigcliff104/24/2010 1:18:56 AM
by kweekhi7
Are there any brothas out there?psychnurse9950404/13/2010 8:46:38 PM
by psychnurse99504
Nerdy guy confused about dating.valley_dude194/2/2010 4:56:14 PM
by claire2010
Wild Blueberriesnovemberborn44/1/2010 10:29:10 PM
by shilli
St. Patricks Daynovemberborn13/15/2010 4:46:48 PM
by 1alaskaman
Alaska 20s Chataksweethart93/13/2010 1:50:15 AM
by nichole_86
Where is everbody at in Fairbanksjohn90723/12/2010 7:15:28 PM
by mustina
The Alaska Pipelinenovemberborn42/27/2010 10:02:57 PM
by novemberborn
Is A Sugar Daddy All Women Want???billstv472/24/2010 5:46:50 AM
by laurabelle515
The Kermode Bearnovemberborn12/22/2010 7:33:04 AM
by itsme724
ALASKANS,Lets get togetheralaskanbiker502/21/2010 5:25:47 PM
by plunberbutt
Out of my cycle.valley_dude12/11/2010 2:21:11 PM
by dragonlady75
Alaskan Words of Wisdom Needed for My Son.ladybugbp182/11/2010 12:02:39 AM
by justjimandagain
so where are all the 21- 28 yr old women at in the valleybacwoodsman02/10/2010 10:39:05 PM
by bacwoodsman
Has anyone heard from Sitkarains?vet6111/23/2010 4:49:59 AM
by alaskanbiker
A Merry Christmas to all1alaskaman312/20/2009 11:57:58 PM
by tess4000
What you doing with your pfd this year??mandoliningman2812/2/2009 5:33:24 PM
by jjbriteyes
more talkingpisces_43410/13/2009 2:54:38 PM
by jjbriteyes
looking for friends in anchoragespoon31049/25/2009 10:03:34 PM
by pinay21
well OMG where is everyone ?tomcmore229/20/2009 7:05:09 AM
by mandoliningman
Anchorage, Akmagnusak109/12/2009 2:45:08 PM
by francof

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