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Thread is pinned New to this group? Introduce yourself here!  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagedustin3,5824/15/2018 3:16:10 AM
by cheep_trick
just talkingrc18754/14/2018 10:53:26 PM
by cheep_trick
Anybody going to The Gathering Of The Juggalo's This Yearpento428/29/2017 6:45:13 AM
by krautguy
Just say hello  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19541,7468/1/2017 1:51:27 AM
by legend10four
Male looking for local women.lookin4you2q07/10/2017 5:57:50 PM
by lookin4you2q
Wow, this forum is ascurbsideprophet15/28/2017 4:58:29 AM
by cupocheer
ISO black breeding studcreampieme6992/21/2017 9:15:24 PM
by cupocheer
I hope that in time that Hank Hillenard19/27/2016 5:41:25 AM
by cavie59
Poll What's up. If u like me let'sprettyhot11729/25/2016 7:48:16 AM
by cupocheer
good morning oklahoma!  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagen3lly_n3l4549/25/2016 7:47:52 AM
by cupocheer
date, get to know, or pass?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pagecurry2620131895/16/2016 7:35:39 AM
by cupocheer
looking for a gf :)devindout2055/13/2016 9:35:01 PM
by cupocheer
Hello everyone1990cy95/5/2016 5:08:23 PM
by cupocheer
Looking for the hot and single females of the 405durk5325/5/2016 5:06:59 PM
by cupocheer
What is everyone doing?powers220175/5/2016 5:05:57 PM
by cupocheer
Describe yourself in one word !!  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageimqter3874/2/2016 1:06:37 PM
by mrhappy1919
Poll looking for a sexy girlprettyhot11723/23/2016 6:33:09 AM
by master1177
swallow huge load.iancrook03/17/2016 4:27:23 AM
by iancrook
Last poster thread.  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19543,2773/8/2016 9:22:18 PM
by touch2heal
Take a word leave a word  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19542,3082/21/2016 2:55:08 PM
by touch2heal
4 letter scramble, change 1 letter  Page: 1   2   3ok19541512/21/2016 2:53:23 PM
by touch2heal
Two words, drop one add another  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19543272/12/2016 7:14:32 PM
by touch2heal
Interracial Dating Oklahomaxm1r4nd4x179/18/2015 6:56:49 AM
by pharcyde88
Poll Do you like bigger guys with beardsmrj7407428/20/2015 3:03:40 AM
by mr_larrybob
HI.. just hang outmissdusty89077/22/2015 1:37:18 PM
by lisalisa918
Enid oklahoma... Any peeps from herechadderek07/19/2015 12:00:38 PM
by chadderek
Any black men looking for a white wife to do?kathy69er66/24/2015 9:22:00 PM
by mr_larrybob
Bi & ; Lesbians In Oklahoma((:  Page: 1   2   3abzo151706/24/2015 9:21:01 PM
by mr_larrybob
why is it that guys are wanting one thing only? SEX!lilmama128416/24/2015 9:17:00 PM
by mr_larrybob
Wonting to meet someone for and my babejaycob2026/14/2015 12:42:54 AM
by drinkbleach
Wonting to meet someone for me and my babe girljaycob2005/28/2015 9:48:49 AM
by jaycob20
Country guys looking for a BF Catoosa,OKjojorox05/16/2015 8:58:28 PM
by jojorox
Father of 3 girls ranchercowboy1012605/14/2015 12:04:47 AM
by cowboy10126
sexy blonde hair blue eyed bttm male in south okc lookin 4 black maleslongguylover15/7/2015 5:11:46 PM
by longguylover
gay black top men looking for sexy white malelongguylover05/7/2015 5:08:46 PM
by longguylover
couple for bi lady for LTRtwodogs86904/26/2015 12:34:31 PM
by twodogs869
thunder game tonighthawkeye12214/15/2015 8:57:06 PM
by drinkbleach
anybody want an ugly boyfriend?bored40524/10/2015 12:35:53 AM
by theycallmemikey
Cotton County Singles ONLY!blu3eyedgeek04/6/2015 6:37:46 PM
by blu3eyedgeek
Oklahoma Ghost Townsrhetty24114/5/2015 7:58:55 PM
by deebeez
Who open to interracial dating?mr_koolb123203/24/2015 7:55:33 PM
by bigsdaddy09
Oklahoma City Thunderhawkeye12283/24/2015 2:58:40 PM
by pentopaper2
Looking for backseatjusthorsenround33/20/2015 6:49:35 PM
by justhorsenround
New to Oklahoma Citysolarcool13/14/2015 9:45:02 AM
by drinkbleach
Merry Christmas.cavie5932/24/2015 2:41:51 PM
by ok1954
Hi ??? about dateingmissdusty89032/13/2015 10:31:44 PM
by drinkbleach
Who Would Like to Have a Get-together? Help Me Plan One.itsalmostime372/2/2015 3:06:04 PM
by sgl_in_dbl_bed
Favorite summer hangout spot...krazyjogirl242/2/2015 3:02:56 PM
by sgl_in_dbl_bed
I'm looking for a loverpowers22072/2/2015 11:19:26 AM
by poolhuslter2014
Any western Oklahoma girls out therejason26773901/25/2015 12:45:31 AM
by jason267739
Random craziness ...  Page: 1   2nelly_sweets1131/17/2015 11:40:03 PM
by drinkbleach
any men near Buffalo Oklahomadanioomatic01/16/2015 9:21:43 PM
by danioomatic
any southeastern okla bi women looking for couples?fwb2014us01/10/2015 9:43:11 PM
by fwb2014us
How to make relationships work. Alphabeticallyvida60481/6/2015 12:44:01 PM
by vida60
Whats Life mean to yousingellostdad71/5/2015 7:26:04 AM
by ok1954
Looking for a cute musician chick.aleksonfire312/16/2014 4:24:32 PM
by vddhhrhvsary6
How many women would date a single father.singellostdad012/9/2014 6:11:45 PM
by singellostdad
Any ladies in Madill??horneyandbored012/8/2014 5:22:55 PM
by horneyandbored
Snap chat ???powers220012/3/2014 6:18:02 PM
by powers220
Date HOOKUP Dancedodge53412/2/2014 11:21:33 AM
by ok1954
Poll where would you shop for groceries?sooner1986912/1/2014 6:22:54 PM
by theycallmemikey
any gorgeous ladies out therecountryboy73c312/1/2014 1:59:43 PM
by countryboy73c
party in tulsabeautifulmes32011/30/2014 12:08:16 AM
by beautifulmes32
looking for brandonbeautifulmes32411/25/2014 9:44:28 PM
by beautifulmes32
Why is it if a person send a message it's a no reply?mr_koolb1231411/23/2014 4:18:05 PM
by theycallmemikey
Question, Answer and Ask  Page: 1   2ok195411311/23/2014 4:14:24 PM
by theycallmemikey
What's your major turn off ?  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageimqter19511/23/2014 4:10:46 PM
by theycallmemikey
Any single woman like a hard working man.sooner1986511/23/2014 12:14:33 PM
by theycallmemikey
anyone single women in okcdirbyaj311/23/2014 12:08:56 PM
by theycallmemikey
Tell me the most funniest or ridiculous pick up line you've heard.vida60311/23/2014 11:28:12 AM
by theycallmemikey
gifts given to another on this site.caliokc1611/23/2014 11:14:44 AM
by theycallmemikey
any southeast okla bi woman lookn for nice couple?fwb2014us010/29/2014 8:07:06 AM
by fwb2014us
This site has become truth or dareok1954510/18/2014 10:27:40 AM
by ok1954
Hello everyone!vinyl82310/13/2014 8:19:17 AM
by ok1954
Meet me in OKC.aremonie15010/8/2014 12:25:54 PM
by aremonie15
Looking for sexbwade1231810/6/2014 2:19:13 AM
by rainyhole
gays;how does big/chubs guys get slim guysdabodyrocker23210/3/2014 6:36:06 PM
by rainyhole
Question for forum veterans ...factualdan39/28/2014 12:35:55 PM
by earldirt
Hangout placestoryz29/25/2014 5:41:26 PM
by nelly_nel_2
women and fishing2ppl4fun89/24/2014 8:56:19 PM
by tundradriver11
Things money can't buy?mr_koolb123239/21/2014 3:04:19 PM
by rhetty24
women how many are really wanting to find a relationship with no gamessingellostdad109/18/2014 9:00:52 PM
by toryz
Goal for the dayok195449/14/2014 7:16:36 AM
by ok1954
Looking for another girl for a threesome!caitdiane18/31/2014 1:31:45 AM
by nelly_nel_2
Have a safe week-end yallok195468/30/2014 2:41:38 PM
by ok1954
women what kind of a relationship or man would you like to find?singellostdad78/24/2014 11:48:32 AM
by ok1954
Chickens in Oklahomapowers22058/7/2014 11:05:52 PM
by bear1butt
whats up everybody!devindout2007/24/2014 7:23:20 PM
by devindout20
I am__would rather be__!ok1954177/21/2014 1:09:34 PM
by ok1954
What makes you view a profile?ok1954307/20/2014 7:10:34 AM
by ok1954
what does this remind you of--one word  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19542077/19/2014 7:56:47 AM
by ok1954
OKC ... Where the women at?rolandog307/9/2014 7:53:29 PM
by rolandog3
allrightiethenok195457/5/2014 12:22:36 PM
by ok1954
Independence Day be courteous of vets and military.heather128347/4/2014 5:05:03 PM
by nelly_nel_2
The crazies.heather1283177/1/2014 5:00:22 PM
by nelly_nel_2
music thread...n3lly_n3l146/22/2014 9:11:41 AM
by ok1954
The games people playmr_koolb12386/19/2014 10:21:42 PM
by caliokc
Urban Farm with chickenspowers22006/11/2014 1:43:44 PM
by powers220
Any lady want to go fishing?powers22006/11/2014 1:42:43 PM
by powers220
any girls around catoosa?devindout2016/8/2014 10:16:33 PM
by devindout20
The Crappie are bitinkrazyjogirl296/6/2014 11:12:02 AM
by dingodan12
country lifebeinme336636/2/2014 11:05:37 PM
by rebelgal101
what are you doing now  Page: 1   2   3   Last Pageok19546526/2/2014 1:57:24 PM
by ok1954
Describe yourself, one word alphabetically  Page: 1   2vida60866/2/2014 1:54:02 PM
by ok1954
Fake Profiles, what do YOU do with them?ok1954145/25/2014 8:06:40 PM
by digitaldog
ladies that love getting headnormlfreak45/24/2014 6:07:08 PM
by nelly_nips
It's Tornado seasongurrrr52925/18/2014 9:00:46 PM
by gurrrr529
any women wanna meet and enjoy eachotherfreakymofo65/18/2014 7:47:32 PM
by purrrdy
Just for gigglesher_happiness15/14/2014 11:01:24 PM
by her_happiness
Do you like to fish?powers22005/6/2014 10:55:52 AM
by powers220
tops4bttms lose r tgt frm1-10how Important is it4a bttm2take all u gotdabodyrocker23115/4/2014 10:18:15 PM
by heather1283
Northeastern Oklahoma Camping, Fishingokcntryboy8404/20/2014 8:54:21 PM
by okcntryboy84
Would you talk to the person above you?  Page: 1   2reddbatmann914/15/2014 9:09:16 AM
by nymphoswelcome
Poll Have you had sex anywhere public around Tulsa?exhibitionfreak184/13/2014 10:24:34 PM
by tulsaclovis
tOfficial I'm drank threadjackson25554/13/2014 3:14:57 PM
by ok1954
2014 Cannabis Cup Denver 4-19, 4-20 whos going or wants to go?holeefuk04/11/2014 6:47:31 PM
by holeefuk
H & 8th Street Festival and Singles Mixer in OKC on Friday, 4/25/14
*** 4/25/2014 - Event ***
socialstillygal04/11/2014 2:07:04 PM
by socialstillygal
Anyone live around Tulsa?30adam04/10/2014 2:25:08 PM
by 30adam

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